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YSM Leather goods materials Q&A Section 2


Leather goods can be modifying as different part of functions. This introduction shown as below:

1. Leather goods frontage and backstage

Frontage and backstage are two main material for the handbag, they can link together to be body of handbag.


2. Leather goods side reinforcement

 Side reinforcement is located at both sides of leather goods. We have difference material to suit for this area of reinforcement.


3. Bottom Reinforcement

Bottom is the bottom of handbag. It is linked with side reinforcement.


4. Shoulder Belt

Belt is used for shoulder, it need more flexibility and strong elastic.


5. Ear

Ears are links with belt and it need to more elastic.


There are some parts of Leather goods reinforcement for using this material. Last but not least, It can be use more and more part of leather goods.

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