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Waterproof insole board—-keep safety for your feet


Waterproof insole board

Waterproof insole board is made as high performance thermoplastic materials.

It provide more elastic and resistance for insole for shoes. Especially for outdoor 

Shoes and safety shoes.

It is over 80000 times test with elastic and resistance, it is reliable material for insole materials, also it provide function as stab proof, in order to protect foot away from harm.

In the mean time, shown as compare with non-woven insole boards. There are some advantages.

1. Elastic

Non-woven insole board mainly made by non-woven and SBR. However, it shows that only afford 20000 times after the test, it is almost 1/4 of YSM waterproof insole boards.

2. Stab proof

In same circumstances, YSM waterproof insole board can afford over 6KG/cm2, it is more than 10 times compare to non-woven insole board.

3. Valuable

Non-woven insole board is much cheaper than YSM waterproof insole board. But it is only in same function, e.g. as insole board, as low quantity elastic test.

However, shoe need to more elastic and stab proof, non-woven insole can be match the value of customer. Therefore, it is difference type of product which can be compared together.

Who is target market?

   YSM waterproof insole board is only target as hiking shoes, outdoor shoes, safety shoes. Because YSM believe that, it is more match those advantage for waterproof insole in those environment. People who in jungle, mountain, and construction environment can provide the most safety material to keep people away for unknown harmful.

The last but not least, waterproof insole board is the more safety product that other material for insole board. Also, it can provide little part of safety and keep all parts connection.

YSM company

Kelvin Zhang


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