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Some way to define heel counter


Heel Counter Definition

The heel counter refers to a little plastic sheet insert used to reinforce and support the heel cup of a shoe. Heel counter can be firm, resilience and shape-ability. A firm, thick heel counter cradles the heel and arch and reduces over-pronation. Resilience ability can help the foot when it is in sport, which provide support the high and strong movement.  A good firm heel counter helps lock the foot into the shoe, and protect your foot in any situation.

YSM provide toe puff and heel counter solutions which can provide different uses of material, in order to give the best things to customer.     

To evaluate which counter are suit for you? It is easy, there are few steps to tell you so.

1. Heel counter test: depend on which counter style you gonna use. Any counter can be tested and can be a form of test result (technical data sheet TDS)

2. Feel it: any counter can be flip itself over 90 degree, try it. No broke? Yes, might be ok. Flip it more times and you will see the way.

3. Cost: for any of industry, material of counter is over 75% of your cost. However, some of ppl will believe that low cost higher quality. Therefore, choose the goodwill supplier is the best way to do so.

This shoe by famous brand is a light training shoe. It is not meant to offer a lot of support and it doesn't. The heel cup is reinforced with a heel counter, but it doesn't give much support. If you need more support try to avoid shoes with soft heel counters like this one.

Great heel counter

What is great counter? For my opinion, cost efficiency for shoe factory, easy to us for labor in factory. Greater material and Resilience and support the foot for consumers, also environmental friendly for the world. YSM can made it.

The last by not least, function of heel counter is always to protect and support the foot away from hazard. And of heel counter with no resilience, strong protections, which are not a good way to use in sport or other high movement activity.

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