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Reinforcement for leather goods


Reinforcement for Leather goods

What is reinforcement for leather goods?

The material use in reinforcement for leather goods shall be elastic and good resilience. Also it contain elongation and durable. 

YSM reinforcement for leather goods is made by high performance thermoplastic with soft and rigid hand feeling which used in difference part of leather goods.

Elastic materials

In many materials can be performed elastic function, however, many of them are now available for support(reinforce) the part of leather goods. For example, people who are using the belt with reinforcement inside is better than nothing inside, because it is afford more load weight. No breakthroughs.

Resilience ability

Factory may using YSM reinforcement material in body of leather goods. Resilience may help the leather more resilience and flexible. Therefore, leather goods can more flexible and also for good shape.


People may using paper, Bonded leather, YSM Reinforcement for reinforcement for leather goods. However after the test of resilience, flexibility and weather resistance, YSM reinforcement is one of the best material for reinforcement. For example, paperboard can be pass the weather resistance and resilience test, but it do not pass the flexibility. Bonded leather pass resilience and flexibility test, but not pass weather resistance test. YSM reinforcement can be used in temperature from 80 degree to -30 degrees.

Therefore, what can you choose the valuable reinforcement for leather goods?

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Writer: Kelvin Zhang

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