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New lining of shoes


Lining of Shoe    

 Lining of shoe is changed now a day. They were using non-woven or woven fibre as lining.

However, either non-woven or woven fibre can not be reinforce shoe body when fly-knit technology is come out.

Many of material is replace by fly-knit technology, e.g. counter, lining and reinforcement. It is more light weight, flexible and breathable.

However, it may need some new technology to reinforce the fly-knit, because it is balance flexible and shape rentention, shape of shoe may not good looking.

Therefore, YSM develop new production line with product code: YDC series as reinforcement(Lining) of fly-knit, it give more shape for fly-knit technology.

YDCseries use new techology with unique material to make sure all of product had great bonding ability, light weight and flexibility.

More information is start to upload to website.

Check the website with more detail.

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