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Composite material—-skate shoes


Ice skate shoe material 

Ice skate shoe, ice hockey shoe, hockey shoes are the same type of shoes in same function. 

YSM discovery that they are all needs for light-weight, protection, comfort.

YSM found polypropylene as light weight, thermoplastic, therefore, polypropylene as fundamental material to develop a new skate shoe material with light-weight and great protection.


Composite method can help material reduce more than 50% weight compare to other materials.

Great protection

Composite material can help people away from harm, because of matrix fiber can release the hit from outsider. Also, unique internal construction result in a material with exceptionally high impact resistance and durability.


The lighter weight, greater protection gives material is more thinner than the other, therefore, YSM material gives customer more and more easy to wear and comfort.

Surly it may discover more industrials to use this material to replace the ordinary material eventually, it give more advantage to YSM company to develop new industrials.

YSM Company

Kelvin Zhang


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