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YUYI SHOE MATERIAL (YSM) is a leading manufacturer of shoe material in China. We have a proud heritage and a strong reputation for quality, innovation, and dedicated customer support.

Our Product

Our Product

We design, manufacture and offer storage service for high quality, high performance material including toe puff and counter, fiber insole board, interlining, reinforcement and reinforcement material.

Our products are widely used in footwear, fashion accessories, furniture, polish and leather goods.

Our Partner

Our Partner

Most of the best brands choose YSM: MONT BLANC, CROCS, LEVI’S,ANTA…

Why? Because our product is the key to competitiveness.

As your strong backup, YSM has 6 production lines which cover the production of the most popular toe puff and counter material as well as reinforcement materials. Moreover, we provide excellent service from our trial launch through product delivery. In a word, we provide anything you need.

Our Production

Our Production

Quality and sustainable production are what we promise.

As a responsible and reliable company, “sustainability” is the core of our product design and development as we minimize the potential harm to our environment.  

Also, YSM promises to safeguard the people we work with, and our community. That’s why we only use safe working practices and materials.

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As a YUYI SHOE MATERIAL customer, you are always welcome to visit our factories and offices.  E-Mail: yuyi@cn-yuyi.cn